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2. Configuration Front Ends

Configuration Front Ends

I'm currently trying several third party tools that exist, below are my initial findings. Keep in mind some of them are early on in development and are a little rough. Some of these tools require extra software on your server and take some work themselves to configure. My instructions don't cover using these tools, but I hope to expand this chapter once I have time to experiment.



Monarch is a very slick looking interface for Nagios. I haven't installed it yet, I hope to soon. One appealing factor in choosing this tool would be the excellent documentation.


The tool NagiosWeb looks very promising. It uses a MySQL database to store your host/service information, and then writes that to the config files. NagiosWeb adds a few extra menu items to the main Nagios navigation, so access is very handy. I ran into a few problems with the code, so I have abandoned this tool for now. I might come back to it at a later date.


NagioSQL is another web configuration interface for Nagios. I haven't installed this yet, however it seems to be popular among users.

Simple Config

This is a little PHP application that builds Nagios configurations for you to copy and paste into your config files. Perhaps not as sophisticated as the other options, but it's simple and it works!

If there are any other tools that you come across not listed here, let me know and I'll try to get around to trying them.