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1. Welcome to the World of Nagios

If you're reading this, the chances are that you've heard about Nagios and would like to jump right in and set up a monitoring system. If this is the case, you've come to right place. This document aims to assist users in installing, configuring, extending, troubleshooting and generally getting the most out of your Nagios system.

It must be said that the documentation that ships with Nagios is excellent, and there are many of good tutorials that already exist. This book was written to complement the existing documentation that is already out there, and even go a little further in some areas - especially for the beginners.

For the true beginners in the audience, you'll find I have created a nice set of step by step instructions, walking you through the process of building a server from scratch, installing Nagios and configuring Nagios to monitor a typical network.

Arguably the most useful source of Nagios information is the mailing list nagios-users. This list is frequented by expert Nagios developers and users alike and is *the* place to be if you're serious about Nagios. A great deal of information in this book has been obtained through the help of people on this list, I highly recommend subscribing and participating - to learn, and to help others learn. Almost every Nagios related question I've ever had has been answered and documented in the list archives. It's a good idea to check there before posting.