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Generic Tunnels

Tom Eastep

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Bridging two Masqueraded Networks

Shorewall includes built-in support for a wide range of VPN solutions. If you have need for a tunnel type that does not have explicit support, you can generally describe the tunneling software using “generic tunnels”.

Bridging two Masqueraded Networks

Suppose that we have the following situation:

We want systems in the subnetwork to be able to communicate with the systems in the network. This is accomplished through use of the /etc/shorwall/tunnels file, the /etc/shorewall/policy file and the /etc/shorewall/tunnel script that is included with Shorewall.

Suppose that you have tunneling software that uses two different protocols:

  1. TCP port 1071

  2. GRE (Protocol 47)

  3. The tunnel interface on system A is “tun0” and the tunnel interface on system B is also “tun0”.

On each firewall, you will need to declare a zone to represent the remote subnet. We'll assume that this zone is called “vpn” and declare it in /etc/shorewall/zones on both systems as follows.

#ZONE        TYPE          OPTIONS
vpn          ipv4

On system A, the will comprise the vpn zone. In /etc/shorewall/interfaces:

vpn        tun0  

In /etc/shorewall/tunnels on system A, we need the following:

#TYPE            ZONE           GATEWAY         GATEWAY ZONE
generic:tcp:1071 net  
generic:47       net  

These entries in /etc/shorewall/tunnels, opens the firewall so that TCP port 1071 and the Generalized Routing Encapsulation Protocol (47) will be accepted to/from the remote gateway.

vpn          tun0   

In /etc/shorewall/tunnels on system B, we have:

#TYPE            ZONE           GATEWAY         GATEWAY ZONE
generic:tcp:1071 net  
generic:47       net  

You will need to allow traffic between the “vpn” zone and the “loc” zone on both systems -- if you simply want to admit all traffic in both directions, you can use the policy file:

#SOURCE      DEST        POLICY        LOG LEVEL
loc          vpn         ACCEPT
vpn          loc         ACCEPT

On both systems, restart Shorewall and start your VPN software on each system. The systems in the two masqueraded subnetworks can now talk to each other