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Thanks to Richard Stallman for starting the Free Software movement and for bringing us gcc and all the other GNU tools as well as the GPL license.

Thanks to Linus Torvalds for bringing us Linux.

Thanks to all the Free Software programmers. Without being able to peek at your code, and in some cases, take parts of it, this project would have been much more difficult.

Thanks to John Walker for suggesting this project, giving it a name, contributing software he has written, and for his programming efforts on Bacula as well as having acted as a constant sounding board and source of ideas.

Thanks to the apcupsd project where I started my Free Software efforts, and from which I was able to borrow some ideas and code that I had written.

Special thanks to D. Scott Barninger for writing the bacula RPM spec file, building all the RPM files and loading them onto Source Forge. This has been a tremendous help.

Many thanks to Karl Cunningham for converting the manual from html format to LaTeX. It was a major effort flawlessly done that will benefit the Bacula users for many years to come. Thanks Karl.

Thanks to Dan Langille for the incredible amount of testing he did on FreeBSD. His perseverance is truly remarkable. Thanks also for the many contributions he has made to improve Bacula (pthreads patch for FreeBSD, improved start/stop script and addition of Bacula userid and group, stunnel, ...), his continuing support of Bacula users. He also wrote the PostgreSQL driver for Bacula and has been a big help in correcting the SQL.

Thanks to Phil Stracchino for writing the gnome-console ConsoleFont configuration command, all the suggestions he has made, and his continuing suppport of Bacula users.

Thanks to multiple other Bacula Packagers who make and release packages for different platforms for Bacula.

Thanks to Christopher Hull for developing the native Win32 Bacula emulation code and for contributing it to the Bacula project.

Thanks to Nicolas Boichat for writing wx-console and the bacula-tray-monitor. These are very nice GUI additions to Bacula.

Thanks to Thorsten Engel for his excellent knowledge of Win32 systems, and for making the Win32 File daemon Unicode compatible, as well as making the Win32 File daemon interface to Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy (VSS). These two are big pluses for Bacula!

Thanks to Nic Bellamy for providing the bacula-dir.conf file that he uses to implement daily tape rotation using multiple Pools.

Thanks also to Jo Simoens for finding and correcting so many typos and other problems with the manual.

Thanks to Arno Lehmann for his excellent and infatigable help and advice to users.

Thanks to all the Bacula users, especially those of you who have contributed ideas, bug reports, patches, and new features.

The original variable expansion code used in the LabelFormat comes from the Open Source Software Project (www.ossp.org). It has been adapted and extended for use in Bacula.

For all those who I have left out, please send me a reminder, and in any case, thanks for your contribution.

Copyrights and Trademarks

Certain words and/or products are Copyrighted or Trademarked such as Windows (by Microsoft). Since they are numerous, and we are not necessarily aware of the details of each, we don't try to list them here. However, we acknowledge all such Copyrights and Trademarks, and if any copyright or trademark holder wishes a specific acknowledgment, notify us, and we will be happy to add it where appropriate.

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Kern Sibbald 2006-07-30