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Chapter 20. Amanda WISHLIST

Amanda Core Team

Original text
AMANDA Core Team

Jean-Louis Martineau

Additions and Updates
AMANDA Core Team

Stefan G. Weichinger

XML-conversion; Additions and Updates
AMANDA Core Team


Refer to http://www.amanda.org/docs/wishlist.html for the current version of this document.

This is a major update.

These are items that we are planning to address, OR which we would like to see happen sometime in the future.

They appear in random order.

Of course, we aren't promising to deliver anything.

This document can be found at http://www.amanda.org/docs/wishlist.html.

You may find more up-to-date information at http://www.amanda.org/ongoing.php.

If you have any ideas about any of the following, please send an e-mail note to mailto://amanda-users@amanda.org or mailto://amanda-hackers@amanda.org.

Jean-Louis Martineau, Stefan G. Weichinger,

Amanda Core Team

Oct. 2004.

The WISHLIST should get shortened.