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Chapter 32. Thoughts about a Strategy API

Alexandre Oliva

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AMANDA Core Team

Stefan G. Weichinger

AMANDA Core Team


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Subject: STRATEGY API (was: Re: spelunking)
From: Alexandre Oliva 
Date: 03 Oct 1998 02:44:47 -300

Doug Hughes  writes:

> I'm going to (try to) modify the amanda stuff such that there is a new
> parameter called dumplevel available in dumptype. That way I can fix
> the dump level at whatever I want (5 or 9 when I need to), without
> having to worry about whether it's going to try and skip a 0 and miss
> a dump, or try to do a 1, or whatever.

Now that you mention that, it comes to my mind that the current
mechanism to define backup strategies is too limited, and we could try 
to improve it just like we are going to do with the DUMPER API.

We could define a STRATEGY API, that planner would use to:

1) define a set levels and/or dates for which estimates should be requested

2) select a subset of the estimate results that planner can choose

and driver would run to inform that a backup has succeeded, after
having updated the database.

I haven't fully analysed the implications of this choice, but it looks 
quite feasible and very useful.  Opinions?  Requests of clarification?
Random flames? :-)

Anyone willing to pursue this issue?

Alexandre Oliva