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Part 7. Appendixes

Table of Contents

35. The Amanda Manual Pages.
amadmin - administrative interface to control Amanda backups
amaespipe - wrapper program for aespipe
amanda - Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
amanda.conf - Main configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
amcheck - run Amanda self-checks
amcheckdb - check Amanda database for tape consistency
amcleanup - run the Amanda cleanup process after a failure
amcrypt - reference crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption
amdd - Amanda version of dd
amdump - back up all disks in an Amanda configuration
amfetchdump - extract backup images from multiple Amanda tapes.
amflush - flush Amanda backup files from holding disk to tape
amgetconf - look up amanda.conf variables
amlabel - label an Amanda tape
ammt - Amanda version of mt
amoverview - display file systems processed by Amanda over time
amplot - visualize the behavior of Amanda
amrecover - Amanda index database browser
amreport - generate a formatted output of statistics for an Amanda run
amrestore - extract backup images from an Amanda tape
amrmtape - remove a tape from the Amanda database
amstatus - display the state of an Amanda run
amtape - user interface to Amanda tape changer controls
amtapetype - generate a tapetype definition.
amtoc - generate TOC (Table Of Contents) for an Amanda run
amverify - check an Amanda tape for errors
amverifyrun - check the tapes written by the last Amanda run
36. Web Ressources