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Topics: 'root' 身份 | 紧急恢复 | Managing Processes | 挂载 | Scheduling | System Services

Other Sections: Basics Connectivity Hardware Installation Resources Security Troubleshooting Utils & Apps X

'root' 身份

在 Linux 系统中,'root' 是最强大的帐号,这里将介绍如何合理地使用这个特殊帐号。

第一篇 :初识 'root'/使用 'root' 的危险/需要 'root' 权限的任务

第二篇 :用 'su' 变成 'root'/使用图形工具 'kdesu'/更为方便的 'sudo'

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第一篇 :急救还是重装/基本的急救工具/Mandrake Linux 的急救系统

第二篇:启动 'failsafe'/单用户模式/root Shell/其他介质上的 Linux 系统

第三篇:症状 I:系统不启动/症状 II:系统启动时停住

第四篇:症状 III :登录失败/症状 IV :载入 X 时系统顿住/症状 V :系统停滞/症状 VI :重要文件被删除

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Managing Processes

Almost everything going on in Linux is a process. Have a look at what they are and how to manage them.

Page One: Introducing Processes / Process Monitors / Processes In Detail

Page Two: Process Accounting / Estimating Process Resource Usage / Setting Resource Limits / Dealing With Bad Processes

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介绍在 Linux 中如何出力文件系统。

第一篇: Linux 对不同介质的处理方式/Mandrake Linux 中默认挂载的安装/挂载细节



第四篇:配置 automount

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How to tell your computer to do certain things at a certain time.

Page One: What Scheduling Can Do / 'sleep', 'at', 'cron' and 'anacron' / 'sleep' / 'at'

Page Two: ('cron') Specifying Execution Time / Writing Your Own Crontab / Example: Monthly Compression Of 'sent_mail' Folder

Page Three: 'anacron' / Interactive Schedulers

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System Services

System services: what they are and how to control them.

Page One: Introducing System Services / Advantages Of The Service Mechanism / How Services Work

Page Two: Annotated List of System Services a-h

Page Three: Annotated List of System Services i-n

Page Four: Annotated List of System Services o-y

Page Five: Deprecated System Services

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