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9.3. Rebooting the System

Now that all of the software has been installed, it is time to reboot the computer. First exit from the chroot environment:


Then unmount the virtual files systems:

umount $LFS/dev/pts
umount $LFS/dev/shm
umount $LFS/dev
umount $LFS/proc
umount $LFS/sys

Unmount the LFS file system itself:

umount $LFS

If multiple partitions were created, unmount the other partitions before unmounting the main one, like this:

umount $LFS/usr
umount $LFS/home
umount $LFS

Now, reboot the system with:

shutdown -r now

Assuming the Grub boot loader was set up as outlined earlier, the menu is set to boot LFS 6.0 automatically.

When the reboot is complete, the LFS system is ready for use and software can be added.