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中文 UPS Howto

Harvey J. Stein, abel@netvision.net.il, Berger Financial Research, Ltd.

v2.02, 31 March 1997

本文能帮助您将 Linux 系统连接到不断电系统 (uninterruptable power supply, UPS)... 如果幸运的话 .... 版权声明: Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 by Harvey J. Stein. You may use this document as you see fit, as long as it remains intact. In particular, this notice (along with the contributions below) must remain untouched.

1. 简介

2. 请注意已过时的信息

3. 聪明的与单调的 UPS

4. 软件

5. 自己动手指南

6. 硬件的注意事项

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