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3. Working with Portage

"Working with Portage" provides an in-depth coverage of Portage, Gentoo's Software Management Tool.


  1. Files and Directories
    Once you want to know Portage in-depth you need to know where it stores its files and data.
  2. Configuring through Variables
    Portage is completely configurable through various variables you can set in the configuration file or as environment variable.
  3. Mixing Software Branches
    Gentoo provides software separated in several branches, depending on stability and architectural support. "Mixing Software Branches" inform you how these branches can be configured and how you can override this separation individually.
  4. Additional Portage Tools
    Portage comes with a few extra tools that might make your Gentoo experience even better. Read on to discover how to use dispatch-conf and other tools.
  5. Diverting from the Official Tree
    "Diverting from the Official Tree" gives you some tips and tricks on how to use your own Portage tree, how to synchronise only the categories you want, inject packages and more.
  6. The Ebuild Application
    In "The Ebuild Application" you are informed about the steps Portage takes while installing software and how you can do this yourself using the ebuild application.

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