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2. Working with Gentoo

Learn how to work with Gentoo: installing software, altering variables, changing Portage behaviour etc.


  1. A Portage Introduction
    This chapter explains the "simple" steps a user definitely needs to know to maintain the software on his system.
  2. USE flags
    USE-flags are a very important aspect of Gentoo. In this chapter, you learn to work with USE-flags and understand how USE-flags interact with your system.
  3. Portage Features
    Discover the features Portage has, such as support for distributed compiling, ccache and more.
  4. Initscripts
    Gentoo uses a special initscript format which, amongst other features, allows dependency-driven decisions and virtual initscripts. This chapter explains all these aspects and explains how to deal with these scripts.
  5. Environment Variables
    With Gentoo you can easily manage the environment variables for your system. This chapter explains how you do that, and also describes frequently used variables.

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