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1. Installing Gentoo

In this part you learn how to install Gentoo on your system.


  1. About the Gentoo Linux Installation
    Users not familiar with Gentoo do not always know that choice is what Gentoo is all about.
  2. Booting the Universal Installation CD
    Using our Universal Installation CD you can boot up your system into a running environment that allows you to install Gentoo.
  3. Configuring your Network
    If you need networking, this is the place where the network (and Internet connection) is configured.
  4. Preparing the Disks
    To be able to install Gentoo, you must create the necessary partitions. This chapter describes how to partition a disk for future usage.
  5. Installing the Gentoo Installation Files
    In this chapter we describe how you extract a stage3 file and how to configure Portage.
  6. Chrooting into the Gentoo Base System
    Now that the stage3 file is extracted, we chroot into the new system and modify the USE variable.
  7. Configuring the Kernel
    The Linux kernel is the core of every distribution. This chapter explains how to configure your kernel.
  8. Configuring your System
    You need to edit some important configuration files. In this chapter you receive an overview of these files and an explanation on how to proceed.
  9. Installing Necessary System Tools
    As mentioned before, Gentoo is about choices. In this chapter we help you choose and install some important tools.
  10. Configuring the Bootloader
    Several bootloaders exist for the x86 architecture. Each one of them has its own way of configuration. We step you through the process of configuring a bootloader to your needs.
  11. Finalizing your Gentoo Installation
    You're almost done. We'll just create one (or more) users for your system and (optionally) install prebuilt packages.
  12. Where to go from here?
    Now you have your Gentoo system, but what's next?

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