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Backup Web Page

In this section you can create some "snapshot" of your EFW configuration, and restore the system to one of this snapshot when you need.

This Snapshots can be saved on EFW machine or exported to you computer.

In this section you can also reset the configuration to factory defaults.

Backup to Files

Figure 2.25. Backup to files

Backup to files

This panel of the Backup web page manages the creation, export, import and restore of EFW file backups. By clicking on the create button, Endian Firewall will create a backup file and diplay it into "backup Sets" window.

Export Backup files

You can export backup files to the computer you are running your web browser on by:

  1. clicking on the set you want to export

  2. clicking on Select button

  3. clicking on their Export links and save the file.


To restore the system from exported backup files:

  1. click on the browse button and select your backup file

  2. click on Import.tar.gz button (the backup set will appear in Backup Sets window)

  3. click on the set you have just imported

  4. click on Select button

  5. click on Restore button

To restore the system from a backup set on your EFW:

  1. click on the set you want to import

  2. click on Select button

Reset configuration to factory defaults

Figure 2.26. Reset to factory defaults

Reset to factory defaults

The button factory defaults allows you to reset the configuration of your Endian Firewall to factory defaults. In fact a backup which has been created on first boot will be restored if you do this.