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SMTP Mail Statistics

This pages shows you statistics graphs about the SMTP Mail proxy.

You get daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs. For each category you get two graphs. The first shows you the total amount of mails sent from behind the Endian Firewall going to the outside coloured blue and the total amount of mails received coloured green. Within the graph you will see that information separated for each point of time visualized as graph. For both, the average, minimal and maximal amount of messages per minute will be calculated and shown below.

The second graph visualizes the amount of messages per minute which has been blocked by the SMTP proxy because of one of the following reasons:


The mail has been rejected directly during receiving because the mail server was not responsible of the domain or the recipient did nor exist, etc.


The mail bounced. This means the mail has been accepted by the mailserver but has been rejected then because of different reasons. For example because the mailserver has no chance to deliver the mail.


The mail contained a virus.


The mail was spam.