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Time Server Administrative Web Page

Endian Firewall can be configured to obtain the time from a known accurate timeserver on the Internet. In addition to this it can also provide this time to other machines on your network.

Figure 5.8. Shows the Time server administrative web page

Shows the Time server administrative web page

To configure the time system, make sure that the Enabled box is ticked and enter the full name of the timeserver you want to use in the Primary NTP Server box. You can also enter an optional Secondary NTP Server if you want.

Endian Firewall will use those NTP Servers to keep its time in synch. It automatically does an update once a hour. If you do not like your firewall to update itself make sure the Disable autoupdate box is ticked.

To save your configuration click the Save button.

If you chose to not use an Internet timeserver by ticking on Disable autoupdate you can enter the time manually and click the Instant Update button.


Although Endian Firewall can act as a timeserver for your network, it uses the ntpdate program to update its time on a periodic basis instead of allowing the more accurate ntpd server to maintain the time continuously. This means that the EFW clock is more likely to drift out of synchronisation with the real time but does not require that Endian Firewall is permanently connected to the Internet.