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Organization of this book

The chapters that follow and their contents are listed here:

Chapter 1, Introduction

Gives an introduction to the Endian Firewall and it's features.

Chapter 2, System Web pages

Covers the System menu with it's features and configuration possibilities, including first step network configuration and system tools.

Chapter 3, Status Menu

Describes the Status menu and it's system monitoring and visualizing functionalities.

Chapter 4, Network Menu

Explains how to configure network related parts of Endian Firewall.

Chapter 5, Services Menu

Gives information about additional services Endian Firewall ships with, including DHCP, NTP and DDNS service, Intrusion detection and Traffic Shaping (QoS).

Chapter 6, Firewall Menu

Explains the firewall functionalities and Endian Firewall's security concept.

Chapter 7, Proxy

Describes in depth Endian Firewall's application proxies, which includes HTTP, FTP, SIP and SMTP proxies with a bunch of configuration possibilities.

Chapter 8, VPN Menu

Help on creating Virtual Private Networks for both possibilities, OpenVPN and IPSec.

Chapter 9, Logs

Gives an overview about the log viewer menu and it's facilities to visualize and configure all the services logs.