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This page allows you to create ip aliases for your RED interface. This is only possible if your RED type is ETHERNET STATIC. All other RED types have no possibility to have more than one RED ip address. You normally want to do this if you have more than one public ip addresses in order to make them reachable from the outside.

Figure 4.3. Add a new alias

Add a new alias

If you click on Add a new alias, you will be able to create a new ip alias. The following configuration fields does exist:


Fill in some name, with which you easily can identify the alias. This is only a symbol and has no other consequences. You may refer to this name later within firewall configuration.

Alias IP

The ip address you want to set up. Note that this ip address has to be within the RED subnet, otherwise the configuration wizard will report an error.


Toggles the configuration of the respective ip alias on or off.

Below in the box entitled Current aliases you can see a list of already configured ip aliases (if any). On the right you can toggle on/off the respective ip alias by clicking on the checkbox icon. With the pencil icon you can edit the respective ip alias and with the trash icon you may remove one.

For each configured ip alias you can define more preciser firewall rules later within firewall configuration pages. For example you may configure a portforwarding of a specific port from a specific ip alias to a server behind ORANGE.