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6.      SNMP++ for the Microsoft Windows Family of Operating Systems

SNMP++ has currently been implemented for MS-Windows 3.1, MS-Windows For Work Groups 3.11,  MS-Windows NT 3.51, and MS-Windows ’95.

6.1.       Utilization of WinSNMP Version  1.1

WinSNMP version 1.1 is utilized to run SNMP++ on MS-Windows. This allows other SNMP applications coding directly to WinSNMP to coexist with SNMP++ applications. Note, the current HP implementation for MS-Windows utilizes WinSNMP. Other implementations are not required to use WinSNMP for ANS.1 encoding and decoding. Implementations which do not utilize WinSNMP are required to coexist with WinSNMP applications.

6.2.       IP and IPX Support

For IP operation, a WinSock compliant stack is required. For IPX, a Novell Netware compatible client and the drivers are needed.  SNMP++ has been tested to run over a wide variety of protocol stacks including FTP, Netmanage, LanWorkPlace, MS-WFWG 3.11, and Windows NT.

6.3.       Notifications, Trap Receive and Send Support

SNMP++ includes support for interfacing with WinSNMP trap mechanisms. This includes both the ability to send traps and receive them. For the reception of traps, trap filtering capabilities are provided.

6.4.       Compatibility with HP OpenView for Windows

A number of applications have been created using SNMP++ which coexist and are compatible with HP OpenView for MS-Windows.