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What is ruby?

 Ruby user's guideContents 

Ruby is "an easy object oriented language". It may seem a little strange at first, but it is designed to be easily read and written. This User's Guide will get you started at invoking and using ruby, and give you insights into ruby's nature that you may not get from the reference manual.

Table of contents

 1.What is ruby? 15. Access control
 2.Getting Started 16. Singleton methods
 3.Simple examples 17. Modules
 4.Strings 18. Procedure objects
 5.Regular expressions 19. Variables
 6.Arrays 20. Global variables
 7.Back to the simple examples 21. Instance variables
 8.Control structures 22. Local variables
 9.Iterators 23. Class constants
10.Object-oriented thinking 24. Exception processing: rescue
11.Methods 25. Exception processing: ensure
12.Classes 26. Accessors
13.Inheritance 27. Object initialization
14.Redefinition of methods 28. Nuts and bolts

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What is ruby?