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ldelim and rdelim are used for displaying the literal delimiter, in our case "{" or "}". The template engine always tries to interpret delimiters, so this is the way around that.

ldelim 和 rdelim 用于输出分隔符,也就是大括号 "{" 和 "}". 模板引擎总是尝试解释大括号内的内容,因此如果需要输出大括号,请使用此方法.

Example 7-12. ldelim, rdelim
例 7-12. 使用 ldelim, rdelim 演示

{* this will print literal delimiters out of the template *}

{ldelim}funcname{rdelim} is how functions look in Smarty!


{funcname} is how functions look in Smarty!