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void register_prefilter(mixed function)

Use this to dynamically register prefilters to run templates through before they are compiled. See template prefilters for more information on how to setup a prefiltering function.


The php-function callback function can be either (a) a string containing the function name or (b) an array of the form array(&$object, $method) with &$object being a reference to an object and $method being a string containing the mehod-name or (c) an array of the form array(&$class, $method) with $class being a classname and $method being a class method of that class.

执行函数的格式可以是一个包含函数名称的字符串;也可以是一个array(&$object, $method)数组形式,其中&$object是一个对象的引用,而$method是它的一个方法;还可以是一个array(&$ class, $method)数组形式,其中$class是一个类的名称,$method是类中的一个方法。