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函数名: kbhit
功  能: 检查当前按下的键
用  法: int kbhit(void);

#include <conio.h>

int main(void)
   cprintf("Press any key to continue:");
   while (!kbhit()) /* do nothing */ ;
   cprintf("\r\nA key was pressed...\r\n");
   return 0;

函数名: keep
功  能: 退出并继续驻留
用  法: void keep(int status, int size);

   This is an interrupt service routine.  You
   can NOT compile this program with Test
   Stack Overflow turned on and get an
   executable file which will operate
   correctly.  Due to the nature of this
   function the formula used to compute
   the number of paragraphs may not
   necessarily work in all cases.  Use with
   care!  Terminate Stay Resident (TSR)
   programs are complex and no other support
   for them is provided.  Refer to the
   MS-DOS technical documentation
   for more information.  */
#include <dos.h>
/* The clock tick interrupt */
#define INTR 0x1C
/* Screen attribute (blue on grey) */
#define ATTR 0x7900

/* reduce heaplength and stacklength
to make a smaller program in memory */
extern unsigned _heaplen = 1024;
extern unsigned _stklen  = 512;

void interrupt ( *oldhandler)(void);

void interrupt handler(void)
   unsigned int (far *screen)[80];
   static int count;

/* For a color screen the video memory
   is at B800:0000.  For a monochrome
   system use B000:000 */
   screen = MK_FP(0xB800,0);

/* increase the counter and keep it
   within 0 to 9 */
   count %= 10;

/* put the number on the screen */
   screen[0][79] = count + '0' + ATTR;

/* call the old interrupt handler */

int main(void)

/* get the address of the current clock
   tick interrupt */
oldhandler = getvect(INTR);

/* install the new interrupt handler */
setvect(INTR, handler);

/* _psp is the starting address of the
   program in memory.  The top of the stack
   is the end of the program.  Using _SS and
   _SP together we can get the end of the
   stack.  You may want to allow a bit of
   saftey space to insure that enough room
   is being allocated ie:
   (_SS + ((_SP + safety space)/16) - _psp)
keep(0, (_SS + (_SP/16) - _psp));
return 0;