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8.6 Checking PostScript Printer capabilities

Following is a PostScript command file that can be used to get a PostScript printer to output a number of useful pieces of information that are needed to set up a printer icon under Windows properly. It was printed from Wordpad, in Win95, through the Generic / Text Only printer driver with the following instructions:

  1. Start, Run, type in Wordpad and press Enter.

  2. File, Open testps.txt

  3. File, Page Setup, Printer, select Generic / Text Only, click Properties

  4. Click Device Options, select TTY custom, click OK.

  5. Click OK, then set all four margins to 0; click OK.

  6. Click File, Print, OK.

This could also have been printed with /usr/bin/lpr on a UNIX command prompt. The file prints Test Page and some printer statistics below that, as follows.

% filename: testps.txt
% purpose: to verify proper host connection and function of PostScript
% printers.
/buf 10 string def
/CM {
save statusdict/product get (PostScript) anchorsearch
exch pop {length 0 eq
{2}ifelse exch restore
}bind def
/isCM {
CM 1 ge
}bind def
/Times-BoldItalic findfont 75 scalefont setfont
150 500 moveto
(Test Page) false charpath
isCM{gsave 0.0 1.0 1.0 0.0 setcmykcolor fill grestore}if
2 setlinewidth stroke
/Times-Roman findfont 10 scalefont setfont
150 400 moveto
(Your PostScript printer is properly connected and operational.)show
150 380 moveto
(The border around the page indicates your printer's printable region.)show
{ vmreclaim } stopped pop
vmstatus exch sub exch pop
150 360 moveto
(Max Available Printer Virtual Memory (KB):)show
150 340 moveto
dup 1024 div truncate buf cvs show
150 320 moveto
(Calculated memory size used for PostScript printer icon properties:) show
150 300 moveto
0.85 mul 1024 div truncate buf cvs show
150 280 moveto
(Printer Model: )show
statusdict begin product show end
150 260 moveto
(PostScript Level: )show
/languagelevel where
{ languagelevel 3 string cvs show pop }
{(1) show } ifelse
150 240 moveto
(PostScript Version: )show
statusdict begin
version show (.)show
revision 40 string cvs show end
clippath stroke

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